Thursday, April 26, 2012

Someday I'll post...

Someday I will get caught up on our daily boring non-cruising life back in the good-ole USA.
Someday I'll put a few sunset pics up.
Or dog pics.
Or tell you what we have been up to.
Something about camera not liking my discs and internet being slow that just sends me away from the computer and over to a knitting project...

On a sad note, everyone in the West Coast cruising community has heard of our weather guru Don Anderson's passing.  I don't even know where to begin on a nice memorial post about Don. 
We were honored to have him come to our going away party (for the second time we went cruising).
I was honored to have met him.
We will be honored to take our boat out this Sunday morning to participate in the scattering of his ashes flotilla.

On another sad note, a good friend's mom passed away the same weekend as Don.
We were waiting for "number 3" and figured it must have been Dick Clark.

On a good note ~ Vacation soon!

So maybe after the second memorial in a week.
Maybe after I fight with the camera.
Maybe after vacation...