Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adios Gregg...

Farewell Gregg Kasl.

Andy said it best.... here ~ on his blog

Thursday, July 21, 2011

F27 Daysail

I am just so HAPPY than I can finally upload photos again!!
Daysail last Saturday during the Uncle Milt Ingram Trophy Race.
Kind of sort of but not really got in the way of "Honukai" at the finish line.
Eh - all good.
I emailed Mr. Honukai pics.
Anyway, I can upload photos again.

4th of July ~ Island Style!

Means no fireworks.
No sparklers.
No loud noise (other than what we all made).
All good!

We had a perfect motor out and managed to cross the shipping lanes ahead of two Southbound tankers (yay, didn't have to slow down and wait for once!).
Also amazing?
Only 4 or 5 boats in the anchorage ahead of us!

Three days of awesome guests on board ~ Kim, Barbara & Emma.

Hiking ~ everyone.

Fishing ~ Jim, Kim, Emma.

Mahk the plagarizing anchor dragger bocce ball champ  Mark. 

Knitting ~ me.
Eating ~ everyone.
Drinking ~ everyone except Dave who had non-alcholic beer and Emma who kept sneaking cokes.

Sleeping ~ all.
Swinging (in the hammock, get your mind out of the gutter!) ~ Emma, Kim, me.

Happy hours ~ all.

Swimming ~ all but Barbara on our boat.

Jumping either off the bow or radar arch ~ Emma and Kim.

Friends ~ "E Ticket", "Wainui", "Sweet Lorraine", "Mary Frances" and "Carlina" for about 4 minutes. Am I missing anyone?
Wildlife ~ Some of us  dolphins, birds, island fox.

Bocce ball ~ all.

The fog rolled in.
And out.
And in.
Then out again.
We didn't mind as it was HOT!
It cooled us down!

Fun ~ all!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who needs photos...?

Thinking my Catamaran Meerkat blog is full of photos and I need to start a new one, I just spent the last 3 hours starting a new blog.
Picking post title fonts and colors.
Picking a new name.
Signing in.
Signing out.
Getting verification texts.
And attempting to upload a photo.
Just one.
Not seventeen.
One lousy photo.
Apparently I can't upload photos on this blog either...