Thursday, July 21, 2011

4th of July ~ Island Style!

Means no fireworks.
No sparklers.
No loud noise (other than what we all made).
All good!

We had a perfect motor out and managed to cross the shipping lanes ahead of two Southbound tankers (yay, didn't have to slow down and wait for once!).
Also amazing?
Only 4 or 5 boats in the anchorage ahead of us!

Three days of awesome guests on board ~ Kim, Barbara & Emma.

Hiking ~ everyone.

Fishing ~ Jim, Kim, Emma.

Mahk the plagarizing anchor dragger bocce ball champ  Mark. 

Knitting ~ me.
Eating ~ everyone.
Drinking ~ everyone except Dave who had non-alcholic beer and Emma who kept sneaking cokes.

Sleeping ~ all.
Swinging (in the hammock, get your mind out of the gutter!) ~ Emma, Kim, me.

Happy hours ~ all.

Swimming ~ all but Barbara on our boat.

Jumping either off the bow or radar arch ~ Emma and Kim.

Friends ~ "E Ticket", "Wainui", "Sweet Lorraine", "Mary Frances" and "Carlina" for about 4 minutes. Am I missing anyone?
Wildlife ~ Some of us  dolphins, birds, island fox.

Bocce ball ~ all.

The fog rolled in.
And out.
And in.
Then out again.
We didn't mind as it was HOT!
It cooled us down!

Fun ~ all!


  1. Freak'n BIG halibut - makes my mouth water. And you knit!!!

  2. Nice new blog, Heather! Hard to leave the cruising one behind isn't it? I copied all of mine and put it in a word document with all the pictures too. Yours is very very big....have you done that??