Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scamping Trip Two

Yay for three day weekends and a husband who is self-employed.
Means he can take the trailer up to a local campground on Friday, return and we can go back up that evening.
Last weekend we went a whopping 10 miles up the 33 to Foster Park.
Works for me.

Unfortunately my Canon ate my disc... or unformatted it, so the few pictures I took are stuck on the disc for now.

I did take two whole pictures on my iphone.
One to prove we have class.
We don't drink our Port out of plastic:

And two to show our dog loves camping.
She was the last to leave the campground...

Dave, Cherryl, Mark and Kathy joined us for overnights.
No, not all sleeping in the Scamp!
Jim A., Dorothy, John, Lourdes and a few others came for a visit.

We ate good.
BBQ chicken.
Tri Tip.
Giant egg and bacon breakfasts.
Hot fudge sundaes.
Yes, hot fudge sundaes.

We hiked.
Got stickers in the dog's feet.
Jim carried the dog out of stickerville.
Played bocci ball in the rough.
And I mean rough ~ using picnic tables, trees, rocks and bushes as obstacles.
The other obstacle was carrying a beer and having a dog tied around your waste.

We drove up to Wheeler's Gorge to assess for future camping.
Hit a camping store in Ojai.
Managed to get out of there without spending a dime.
Ate and drank some more.
And started to figure out how to Scamp.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Caught Up!

Yep ~ just crammed three months into three posts.

Camping in the Scamp at The Rincon!

Hanging with the big boys!

We so don't fit in...

Through facebook, I found out that two high school friends were going to be there too.
We ended up parking in the space behind one, and three spaces from the other.

SO. Much. Fun.

Such a beautiful beach!

Dog was in dog sand wet heaven.

I think she likes camping...

Nothing like being wet, tired, sandy and then you get to lay in the sun!

Nah, she wasn't happy.

Ok, I Remembered That Password.

Really, we are still here.
Alive and enjoying.

Still decorating the dog.

Had Maya and her parents, Chris & Katie come for another visit.
Happy, happy dogs!

Had Wendy, Colin and Stan for a well-behaved New Year's Eve dinner party.

Well... mostly well-behaved.
Neither Skid or Lexie liked these noise thingies.

What else?

Blogged a lot.

Actually untied our docklines and took our boat over to Channel Islands Harbor for the best ever retirement party.
Not so well-behaved...
Nah, it was a LAPD retirement party.

Incredible food!

Met the cutest couple ever.
Bruce the retired LAPD's parents.

Been together for 70+ years.
Both 90 years old.
The hubby told me:
My wife is two months older than me.
She's a cougar!
Needless to say, I spent half the night talking to them.

Finished my largest to date knitted project ~ a baby blanket for the people who drove to South LA to rescue Lexie from dead dog walking.

So addicted to knitting!
Which is not a bad thing to be addicted to...

Crashed Participated in some yacht club functions.
Have to now...
Been members long enough to do bar duty.

Sent the dog home with Curtis and Jim L. and had a great time at the Change of Command dinner!

Funny people.
Funny speeches.


And we spent money...
Lots of it.
On this:

A 16' Scamp Travel Trailer!

Lots of research.
Months of discussion.
More research.
Two trips to Arizona.
Success on the second trip, third trailer.
Then the real spending started...

Been So Long... Forgot My Password.

No, we didn't fall off the face of the Earth.
Just had December to do.
January to do.
And now February to do.

And what did we do?

Met Wonder Woman in Paso Robles.

Bought an Xterra load of wine.

Hit golf balls out over a Chardonnay vineyard.

Treated the dog to dog-friendly motels.

Crowned her the Queen alongside King Colin.

Enjoyed two nights of Ventura's Parade of Lights.

Lexie met her new best friend, Maya. 

 Decorated the boat and the dog.

Had our first Christmas with the DOG!!
Spoiled her rotten.

Did a dinghy cruise through the Keys and marveled at our favorite tree.

Did another trip up to The Central Coast, visiting Pear Valley to stock up on Syrah.
Found a dog friendly motel in Cambria.
Enjoyed Morro Bay.

Loved Morro Bay.
Lexie loved Morro Bay.
Morro Bay loves dogs.

Turned the dog into ET for a night.

Went to Stan's PSB house for a night.
PSB = Plywood Shit Box, or so he calls his house...

Played "Where's Lexie?" on Stan's couch.

Found snow!
And figured it was Lexie's first time in the snow.
Considering they probably don't get a lot of snow in Watts, right?

Uh, what else...?
Blogged a lot.
Eh... too long of a post, will do another one before I loose this one and forget how to save it.