Friday, March 23, 2012


Everything is breaking...
Or just not working.
Well, I am working.
Jim is working.
But it seems like everything else either want to take a giant cr... or go on permanent vacation.
The permanent vacation thing I get.

So birthday camping pics stuck on the disc.
New computer doesn't like the software that came with the camera.
It's a complete pita to load onto the ancient laptop, put on a stick and then load into this computer.

Scanned something and blogger doesn't like pdf's...
So aaaagggghhhhh.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lost and Found Foster Park Pics

Jim rescued the frozen formatted disc pics by using his old laptop.

I knew there was a reason to keep that thing around... excellent backup.

Here we they are dragging firewood back down from Stickerville.

I was behind not dragging wood protecting the dog from more stickers.

Here are cool seed pod things in the trees.

I thought they were beautiful...

Here is the question of the day:
How many Campers does it take to fix a license plate?

More than it should.
Or maybe Dave doesn't count...
He is, after just sitting there.

Here is the dog deciding if she is going to share the bed with us.
Or share the trailer for that matter...

She was a sleepy dog...

All that effort is takes for a dog to camp and all.

Here is a view of the main part of our campsite from the lower end of the bocci ball field.
Our trailer set precariously on a little ledge above this as well.
Not going to be a spot we will aim for next time...

Here we are amazed at the fact Lourdes and I had on the exact same boots.
Well, not the exact same, or we'd never fit all four of our feet in them, but you get the idea.

We did not however have on the same pants.
I waitned until later to put my pajamas on...

Ah ha!
Here is why Lexie was so tuckered out...

It's hard work to eat gooey peanut butter out of an upside down black rubber Michelin Man.