Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dog Dinghy Rides

Or how to entertain two dogs and an eleven year old in the afternoon...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Perfect Four Days at La Islas!

This was the spoiler trip for sure.
Ruined us for the Labor Day weekend...
We had four perfect, incredible, warm, flat, calm, peaceful days last weekend, so with 10-20 and gusts to 25 this weekend - eh, staying in the harbor!

But last weekend?
Dorothy, Jim A. & their dog JoJo joined us.
We headed out through the gap and up the backside to Willows on Thursday.

Stan followed us up after hooking, but not boating a few makos.

And rowed over for hora feliz.

Then he headed back down the island and we headed to Santa Rosa.

Had a few bloody marys at some point.

Sat on the dog toilet tramps with the culprit dog at some point.

Ate well the entire time.

Enjoyed 74 + degree water on the backside of Santa Rosa!
All four humans and both dogs went for a swim.

Then headed over to Forneys at the West end of Santa Cruz for our last night.

Jim, Damnit Jim & Dorothy went in to the beach and I stayed with the dogs.
Ate and drank more.
Just lovely...!

On Sunday we motored down the front side to show them all of the anchorages, Painted Cave and poked our bows into Diablo and Pelicans.

Yep, spoiled us.
Staying in the harbor, watching the boats slam out of the harbor, watching boats come back in and listening the the chatter on vhf.
Good decision.