Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who needs photos...?

Thinking my Catamaran Meerkat blog is full of photos and I need to start a new one, I just spent the last 3 hours starting a new blog.
Picking post title fonts and colors.
Picking a new name.
Signing in.
Signing out.
Getting verification texts.
And attempting to upload a photo.
Just one.
Not seventeen.
One lousy photo.
Apparently I can't upload photos on this blog either...


  1. apparently I can't upload my picture either, so now I'm incognito.

  2. Yeah, I had this same problem the other day on another blog. It won't let me attach a photo over there when I'm a follower. Maybe it's using my comment picture, or lurking followers all look like a blank head.

  3. It just can't be true! You can only do one picture at at time! I thought you were a guru girl and have always looked forward to seeing how I fail in the ways of this new and exciting tech time of the BLOG! HA! HA! Still love you and hope you are all well. Enjoying (yeah right) the heat wave hitting NY (should just be in Mex) and working. Take care and check in. XOXO Jeannine & Jim s/v CharAnn