Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Four, Five, Six States? In How Many Days?

Well the vacation we started thinking about five days after our Costa Rica trip has come and gone...
LAX to Atlanta.
Atlanta to Charleston.
Charleston Fun!
Drive to North Carolina.
Road Trip Fun!
Maggie Valley, NC Fun!
Drive through Tennessee to Kentucky.
Road Trip Fun!
But by all means avoid Pigeon Shit Forge!
More on that later.
Kentucky Bourbon Trail Fun!
Hurricane Irene coming.
Not Fun!
Watch Weather Channel for next 4 days...
Actually Pretty Fun!


  1. The trip was a blast from the first moment to the very last. I would do it again in a heartbeat! You and Jim are great travel partners! Miss you much!!

  2. A dog and a vacation? What the hell is going on down there anyway? If you want to add any more pets we have two very very nice siamese cats you can have. They like dogs. And they are very friendly and fat.

  3. No cats!!!! My dog would eat them for breakfast. Fatter the better.