Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Love The Ventura County Fair!

First of all, it's the most beautiful fairgrounds setting.
In the world.
Hands down.
Not that I have been to very many fairgrounds.
It's close.
It has a free shuttle bus from the harbor.
And this year you only have to wait about 45 minutes to catch the damn bus!
It has lots of palm trees.
It's 100% Americana.
Although, the food scares the crap out of me...
It has great concerts.
Really great concerts!

Concerts like Pat Benatar!
Who rocks.
Who has an amazing voice!
Who is entertaining.
Who has a husband who wears funnier pants than my husband...
And I thought Jim's martini pants were cool...

Uh what else?
Rides that make you want to puke.
Sad part?
This one was my idea...
Thinking the "UR" means "you are a complete fool to ride this".

And fireworks!

Great fun and safer than Mexico fireworks!
And good friends!
And apparently people we don't know who are good at posing for pics too...


  1. I love it when the Unknowns end up in the pictures.

  2. Ha - she was posing and smiling away! Too funny.

  3. At least her body parts weren't showing.

  4. Heather, you are the Queen of blogging! You keep your old site up to redirect to the new site and you got pics to work again! I'm envious. I've got to update ours! Ummmmm.....have to do it later though.LOL Hugs & kisses to you & Jim.

    Jeannine & Phil
    s/v CharAnn