Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back to North Carolina

Nothing like it taking me two and a half months to yak endlessly and boringly about a vacation...
Well if I think back, I never did finish up the Costa Rica trip on here.

With Hurricane Irene bearing down on the East Coast and one of our vacation reveler's boat being right in the projected path, we had to head back to the coast early.

Which meant giving up one night in the haunted house.
And one night in the trailer park campground.

And now to find a place to go with such short notice!
Well, yay for iphones.

So off to Henderson, NC we went.
Home of the painted bears...

Uh, home of the painted bears?

And home of the really cute couple doing a puzzle together on a park bench.

And a really cool cabin in the trees we rented for a night!
This being our bedroom!

And our shared with "Mollie who once again got the couch" bathroom!

And our way cool deck for vino and cerveza and checking The Weather Channel on our phones.

Unfortunately, we were kind of in and out as we had to get back to Charleston...
Maybe another time.


  1. Nice, that Mollie is really a trooper for always sleeping on a couch. Ya'll owe her, she's probably developed curvature of the spine.

  2. Yeah, Mollie is a keeper. It's actually her husband's fault for not going... had Stevie gone, then we would have found places with another room. We took "Flat Stevie" (the sock monkey) with, but he didn't take up much room.