Friday, November 25, 2011

Solar Panels In and Rockin'!

Free electricity!

Yeah, well after you pay for the panels.
The metal fabrication.
The wire.
Jim's time.
Free electricity!


  1. Woo Hoo are you off the grid? I want solar panels SO bad!

  2. Still on grid... three heaters and a washer/dryer... but less generator time when not spiderwebbed to a dock!

  3. That is so great. We're envious! We've just hooked back up and are at a whopping 6 amps if lucky for 4 panels. Lucky dogs!

    Maybe see you on the flip side.

    Jeannine & Jim
    s/v CharAnn

  4. Wow! With a boat running on solar power, you won’t have to use gas at all to light up the boat at night, but instead use the stored energy from the panels. My wife and I bought solar panels for our ship last year, and so far we have been taking longer rides. Strangely enough, our relationship also become stronger.