Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Sur Heat!

Big Sur is cold, dreary and foggy, right?
Gray skies.
Damp breeze.
Wet droplets falling from the trees.
Or it's 95 degrees.
As was when we arrived...

So we spent the day in the river.

Swimming (well the one with the short legs swam).
Playing with others.
And smelling like wet dog.

It was devine!

And once again, a great campsite!
With the river 50 feet from our door.

Easy beer and wine glass re-fill...

Alan and Susan caught up to us for a night, as they were on their way up to San Francisco to catch a little America's Cup racing.
Nooooooo, they did not sleep in our trailer with us, but stayed in one of Fernwood's tent cabins.
Which is basically a cabin frame with permanent canvas tent sides and roof.
And a whole bunch of beds inside.
One for Katie dog, one for Susan and two for Alan...

We walked a little.
Heard wild turkeys across the river.
Heard bobcats in the early mornings.
Enjoyed lunch one day at the restaurant.
Met a great couple from Germany.
Met several of the Fernwood Resort employees.
And Lexie met three new dog friends, Strider, Maggie and a new boyfriend, Poet.

Poet belongs to Virginia.
Virginia is a young free spirit who travels and lives very much on the minimalist side.
She once spent 4 months camping on beaches in Italy.
Not a bad life.
She is a writer.
Oh... "Poet"!
She must have named him that since she is a writer!
Because when he was a puppy...
Pisses. On. Every. Thing.

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