Saturday, November 10, 2012

Last Stop ~ Refugio!

Short delays can be a good thing.
In leaving San Simeon, thankfully the ranger asked us a second time "what space are you vacating?"
And thankfully that black sedan was coming down the road.
That extra 15 seconds it took for the ranger to ask us a question and for that black sedan to pass may have saved us some serious damage.
Or worse.

See, there was this suicidal deer that decided to do a "death by car" suicide.
She ran from our side of the road across to the oncoming traffic lane, dodging as she went.
Possibly having second thoughts?
She was hit by a ton and a half of metal going 65 miles an hour.
Which apparently wasn't enough metal or fast enough.
She flew sky high as the two of us screamed in horror.
Came back down with no use of her back legs.
And struggled...
and struggled... and struggled...
And we were heartbroken and close to tears.
And had no gun to put her down.
We both considered getting out a "Stan knife" and cutting her throat, but just didn't know if that was going to work.
Images of hooves and blood and eh... can't do that...
Other cars were slowing.
All with drivers in agony.
Hopefully one with a gun.

So, thanks to that ranger for not quite being able to hear us.
Thanks to that black sedan dawdling along.
Because it wasn't us to hit her.
It wasn't great to see.
It was quite painful.
More for her, I am sure.
But oh, SO very sad...

So on to Refugio for our last night!
Where we scored on campsite locale!
Front row!

And backed by the big boys!
Wine, cheese, crackers and dog cookies all around!
A beautiful view.
A beautiful place.
A beautiful beach.
And beautiful trees.

A beautiful evening.
A beautiful end to a great trip!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip - even with the suicidal deer. Sorry the trip is over!

  2. Love reading about your adventures. Sorry you had to see the deer destruction, glad it wasn't you guys, was it the black car that hit her?