Friday, November 16, 2012


Halloween was a big deal at my insurance job.
Not so much at the current yard job.
Maybe insurance needed some lightening up?
We seem to have enough fun just with three dogs and two parrots at the boat yard.
At the insurance brokerage we all dressed up and went out to lunch.
I spent days trying to figure out something original.
Something non store bought.
Something creative.
Once I figured out what my idea was, I spent days buying the parts, dying fabric, engineering, creating, sewing and embellishing.
A lot of fun, but a lot of time.

So when my ex-boss emailed me inviting me to the lunch, I responded with:
"You want me to think of an idea, buy, create, engineer and sew for a two hour lunch?
OK ~ I'M IN!"

Now, what to bee be...?
Think, think, think.
Don't want to spend too much money.
Or too much time.

Lexie already had her bee costume (yes, store bought because it made me laugh)...
What to bee be?

A bee keeper!

Easy ~ buy white clothes, a hat, some netting.
Glue the netting onto the hat.
Glue some random little bees all over.

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