Sunday, November 4, 2012

San Simeon

No, we didn't do the "Hearst Castle" thing, as much as we'd like to have done.
Remember, we had the ball and chain dog with us.
And as much as she would have loved to swim in that neato indoor pool with all the marble and naked statues around...
We went to a campground instead.
Picked a spot up on the hill.
No one around, except some tent campers a few spaces away.
Quiet and peaceful, right?

For the most part yes.
With a few interruptions.
One, being giant raccoons wandering about.
Two, being a brush fire on the hill back behind our campground one evening.
Who reported the fire?
Jim saw the red glow and the glowing smoke.
I ran to the ranger station.
Luckily the wind had died down.
And it was put out quickly.
Three, one noisy family.

We did a bit of walking.
A bit of nothing.
A little driving and geocaching.
More nothing.
And some more nothing.

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