Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bardstown, Kentucky ~ Central to The Trail!

Who would have ever thought I would like Kentucky?
Well, the people are all nice.
They are friendly.
They talk funny are polite.

Every waitress or waiter in every restaurant we went into offered us separate checks.
Which is really nice when you are with two other couples and Mollie and her monkey.

It's beautiful.
It has history.
Cool buildings.
Awesome architecture.
It's clean.
It's charming.

Bardstown was no exception.
Except when Suzie, Mollie and I apparently were crossing into the not so charming section of town and a couple of black guys told us in a much nicer way to take a left... there was nothing we needed to see down where we were headed.
They asked us if we were tourists, to which I asked how could you tell, the cameras hanging around our necks and the geek tourist clothes?
Quite friendly and polite.
Cute town.
And central to The Kentucky Bourbon Trail!

I mentioned clean, right?

And cool architecture?

And I mentioned history right?

And charming?

I think they make Puppy Chow there too!

Not so sure about their taste in trucks however...

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  1. lol, that Purina checker board logo lets you know that they carry all Purina feeds, from dog chow to horse, pig and cow chow. Very pretty town.