Saturday, September 24, 2011

Proper Vacation Attire...

First of all, everyone must be comfortable in his or her vacation attire.

No tight clothes ~ very important to leave room for eating your way through wherever you have deemed important enough to go on vacation to.

Proper shoes.
No sky-high feet hurting high heels.
Flip flops or tennis shoes are best.

Pretty jewelery and tiaras for The Queen of Vacation Planning will make everyone feel festive in those crappy flip flops and tennis shoes.

Speaking of the Queen of Vacation planning, make sure she has a comfortable place to lounge at every stop.

Sun protection is important.
In glasses.

In hats.

In bathingsuits.
Make sure all Flat People are dressed and decorated as well.
And if said Flat People pass out, make sure they are
protected from ghosts held and well taken care of.

There should be room for spontaneous Scottish jigs.

Not that that has anything to do with attire...
All in all, plan for your vacation at the dollar store well ahead of time so you too can be properly vacation attired.


  1. Fun, fun, fun! I love the passed out flat Stevie and the resting diva! You make it all so fun and I just have a dry blog. Oh, well, we can't all be Heather!

  2. I need to be going on vacation with you guys! You always have fun.

  3. Looks like the adventure continues! Glad we tracked down your new site so we can keep up with you wild guys!