Monday, September 12, 2011

Maggie Valley, NC to Kentucky!

Via the armpit of the United States.
Good lord, what was Dolly thinking putting Dollywood there?
I mean, really Dolly has such great taste in clothing, hair, makeup and boobs style...

Everything was tasteful.

And not confusing.
But I am getting ahead of myself here.
First we had to eat.
Because we were eating our way through four states...

So we found a cool place up the hill complete with the mandatory rocking chairs out front.
And signs with no grammar or spelling errors.

We met a puppy.
With the biggest paws ever...
I left him there, because I knew I was going home to the perfect dog with smaller paws in a week!

We saw a flower.
Or two.
Or twelve.
Can't remember exactly.

We drove on the Blueridge Parkway!
And made Kirby honk the horn inside every single tunnel.
Every. Single. Tunnel.

We stopped and took a million pictures.
Until the views blended together...
And we realized we would run out of daylight driving hours if we stopped at every viewpoint.
And we saw this!
A total highlight for me!
I want to do some of this trail!!!
Well maybe just the Sweet Heather Sweat Heifer Creek Trail.

In the meantime I did about 100'.
And posed for pictures.
Gotta go!
Not enough hours in the day!


Oh crap, we need to go to the other side of Kentucky?
No more stops except to pee.

And arrival!
Our house for the duration:
Haunted and right across the street from a haunted cemetery.

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