Sunday, September 11, 2011

Charleston, SC to Maggie Valley, NC

Loaded up the truck van and RV and headed to Beverly...  Maggie Valley!
Seriously loaded up the van.
Five people's stuff for a week.
A cooler.
A case of wine.
A couple of cases of Sierra Nevada.
Because lord knows what kind of beer and wine they sell in Kentucky.
Um, do they sell beer and wine?
Or just Bourbon?
Flat Stevie.
Cameras and camera gear.
We chose the plush RV ride for day one:

Which came complete with two dogs.
Who have to sit in your laps.
And barf.
Well, just Samie barfed.
And only a couple of times.
Still a plush ride!
And Jim loved it because when you sit in the recliner chairs in the living room you can drink beer!

To the campground in Maggie Valley ~ just lovely!

Where we took a lot of pictures.
And Lucy attempted to find a place to stash her wine glass so she could take pictures...
Yeah, that's going to work...

This worked.
Much better too.
Gave me a chance to sneak a few sips.

Then on to dinner!
Because vacations are all about eating and drinking exploring.
We had no children, except for Samie the barfing dog and Skipper her non-barfing brother, so we brought Flat Stevie instead.

Who, really is like a child...
Just ask Mollie.

Uh what else?
Had a cool little roadside motel with beautiful grounds and an awesome view of the incredible green hillsides.
And fireworks!
Someone down in the gully was shooting off fireworks.
We are sure they were for us.

And had an after dinner hora feliz.
Because it was vacation.

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