Friday, September 30, 2011

Kentucky Food

As Ray used to say while cruising Mexico he or we were "eating our way through" whereever.
In this case we ate our way through Kentucky.
And did a fine job.
All of us.
Including Flat passed out Stevie.
Ate things like a heart attack on a plate Kentucky Hot Brown.
Oh yum...
This was Jim's but he was kind enough to not stab me with his fork as I reached over and swiped a few bites share.
Oh my.
Google it.
Something like a piece of bread, slice of ham, slice of turkey, some over the top cheese and sauce, then bacon and tomato.
Not something you would want to eat often, but I could go for one of these on a cold rainy night or tonight.

Uh what else?
Fruit Loops?
Eh - hadn't seen them in about a hundred twenty years, so figured what the heck.
Well I think I'm good for another twenty years...

We found some great restaurants in beautiful old historic buildings.
One where President Lincoln had stayed!
Found a Bosnian Restaurant that occupied a renovated old opera house / theatre building ~ way cool!
Good food and cool atmosphere!
Flat Stevie liked it as well.
Excellent company, laughter, great conversation makes for awesome dining experiences!


  1. Love the new look of your blog! I am finally coming up for air after our return to life in California - aka - back in the fast lane. And have some time to sit and catch up on all the blogs I love - Yours is at the top of the list! Lets meet up live and share stories - perhaps at Brophys in the Harbor? Give us a shout when ever you are free and we can make a plan! Best place to reach me these days is e-mail:

  2. That Kentucky Brown looks awesome. I LOVE the smell of Fruit Loops, I don't eat them I just snort them. The Kindergarten teacher used to work with would catch me in the closet with a box every 100th day of school, snorting the loops.