Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Haunted Cemetery...

And house.
But we will come back to the house being haunted.
First this:

A Civil War Cemetery right across the street from the haunted house we were staying in.

The met people filming "ghosts" the first night we meandered around the graves.

Kinda creepy.
Kinda cool.

Kinda in a bit of disarray...
Well more than just a bit of disarray.
And this 1800's school house right there as well!
Probably haunted too...

So anyway...
That house?
Suzie "smelled" a ghost in the middle of the night.
Uh, not really sure what a ghost smells like, but she swore it was a ghost.
Okay... did you know there was an automatic room freshener in the bathroom next to their room?
But on the same night I heard a woman's voice talking and it didn't sound like Mollie or Suzie.
On the next night, Jim woke up and had the willies so incredibly bad and creepy he could not get out of bed to pee.
So he peed in the bed held it until daylight.

Kinda creepy.
Kinda cool.


  1. Kind of reminds me about those movies where people move into a haunted house and all this weird creepy stuff keeps happening and they stay there and I'm all like MOVE OUT OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE! but then the movie would be really boring if they did.

  2. It was real and it was not room freshner, so there! I will always believe in my ghost!

  3. You are cracking me up!!! Tell Jim to get one of those hospital urinals to take on vacation next time. We had a ghost in our house in Oklahoma years ago, she didn't like loud music but loved our baby.. Jolea. She didn't smell and didn't talk, just turned the sound down on the TV and stereo all the dang time.